Gamma Irradiation Program. 

Hi Everyone, during the spring each year we will be facilitating a beekeeping equipment sterilization event at Sterigenics, 75 Tilbury Road,  Salem, NJ 08079.  As a larger group we are able to combine pallet loads to meet feasible volumes for more efficient biosecurity controls.  Current pricing from Sterigenics is US$225 a pallet and is cost effective once we meet seven pallets or more.  Any questions please contact

For reference on how to stack your pallets please visit

For those with partial pallet loads, we will have the combining of pallet loads at different locations within PA.

About Gamma Irradiation.

Gamma irradiation is effective sterilization utilizing the ionizing radiation of photons from radioisotope Cobalt 60.

The level of ionizing radiation absorption is measured in gray and defined as joules over mass.

The minimum dose currently established with our irradiation program is the absorption of 10,000 J/kg 

For current literature on gamma irradiation please refer below.