Swarm Removal

Hi Everyone, if you are looking at this page you probably have a problem.  Don’t worry we can help provide an answer.  From simple swarm removal like the one hanging in the tree, through to complex internal cut outs.  Hanging swarms are typically done at no charge, however cut outs are a different story. Unfortunately there are costs associated with cut outs, including expendables such as drop cloths, tarps and plastic sheets.  To get the best results for colony removal we complete our cut out technique near dark under red light conditions.  In this setting, usually the bees are in a cluster and can not orientate for flight as they require white light for navigation.  Below are some images from previous cut outs that we have preformed.  We are more than happy to give free consultations about our services.

Cavities for bees come in all sizes, fundamentally their colonies grow to meet the volume of the void.