About Us


The team at Extract and Box LLC endeavor to harvest and supply bee by-products and provide apiary management services that exceed the needs and expectations of our customers.  Extract and Box is committed to continually improve the effectiveness of it quality management system by implementing ISO 9001 requirements and the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture regulations.  Extract and Box promotes healthy open pollination, sustainable management practices and environmental stewardship.

Tim Ferris focuses on innovative product development, while maintaining our evolution in sustainable hive management.  As the head beekeeper, Tim has expertise in both apiculture and environmental management, providing a deeper awareness to the flow around us.

Don Finn focuses on forming positive retailer relations and apiary placement with community partnerships.  As the Chief Operating Officer, Don is also assigned equipment and supplement procurement. 

Liz Rutter focuses on product supply and quality-control processes including back-end operations.  Liz is tasked with making it happen, a key ability that we are lucky to have.

Dr Michele Pendrak O.D, is our Director of Clinical Operations.  Dr Pendrak is a leading specialist in ocular disease management, which has allowed the product development of our eyelid butter.   

Donna Switzer CPEA is our internal auditor.  She became a Certified Professional Environmental Auditor in 2009, where she maintains her certification and applies her skill sets to ensure that management systems, EHS programs, sustainability assessments and audits are completed methodically, completely, and ethically without bias.  Donna is the founding principal of Beyond Compliance LLC, which supports a broad range of companies in a variety of sectors with regulatory permitting and reporting requirements.  We are lucky enough to be one of them.