E&B Beginners Course

Hi All, 

We will be running a beginners course starting with an informative/demostrative session at 10am March 23rd 2024.  Hands on interactive content will run with the course starting at 10am on the third saturdays of each month from April to the end of the season in September.  We intend to facilitate the course at our processing site at 970 Kimberton Rd Chester Springs PA 19425 or at one of our yard sites within close proximity.

The course will be hands on and will include basic theory and discussion with the concept of sustainability.  

We will be charging $70 for the duration of the program based on 14 hours of mixed method instruction. 

You do not need to be affiliated to a local club to register for our course.  However it is recommended to join the Chester County Beekeepers Association and take advantage of their mentoring and apprentice program.

No required text is set for the course, however if you wish to supplement your experience we recommend Kim Flottum’s 4th edition of “The Backyard Beekeeper”

You will require protective clothing, however we will go over the pros and cons of the protective clothing options with you as part of the March session.