E&B Advanced BLock Courses

Extract and Box’s advanced beekeeping short courses are in a block format through the spring/summer season to align with seasonal timing and implementation.  The individual courses topics are priced at $10 each and will be held at 4pm on the third saturday of the following months.  


  •  April- Pollen; trapping, fresh/frozen processing, cleaning, and packaging for sale.
  •  May- Honey; nectar collection, the curing of honey, timing to pull honey, extraction, and bottling.
  • June- Diease Management; detailed overview of intergrated pest management, prevention, symptoms and cures.
  • July- Propolis; envelopes, mats, harvesting, balls, tinctures and solvents.
  • August- Bee Venom; compound properties, harvesting, processing, storage and use.